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Disney Plus Video Account

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Way the service functions 

  • purchase and place the order
  • we will send all the neccesery details to fulfill your order via an e-mail to you immediately(we usually send it within 1 hour.but due to high amount of orders there may be a small delay)
  • you can refer that email and complete your need

What is in the email and how it works

  • Disney Plus account login username and password.
  • Not allowed to change the details of the account ( You can use the account as it is ).
  • Account support on 4 devices ( AndroidTV, AppleTV, TV Stick, Android box, phone, Laptop or any device that Disney Plus support ).
  • Please note that we can’t upgrade your existing Disney Plus account.
  • 12-months warranty for the account.
  • Warranty will void if you changed the account details.
  • After 6 months the account will expire and you can renew or you will lose access to the account.

Consider the possibility that the item didn’t work

  • drop a message to us immediately
  • We will shortly be connected and solved the error as soon as possible.
  • Our team members are always here to assist you.

Still, you have a problem? 

    • Email:


    note: we only provide digital we do not provide any physical parcels.If there are any issues with the service, you can claim a refund ( Please check our refund policy ).


12 months, 6 months

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